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or ap·o·ka·tas·ta·sis (ăp′ə-kə-tăs′tə-sĭs)
n. pl. ap·o·ca·tas·ta·ses or ap·o·ka·tas·ta·ses (ăp′ə-kə-tăs′tə-sēz′)
The belief that all souls ultimately achieve salvation and are received into heaven.

[Late Latin, restoration to a former position, restitution, from Greek apokatastasis (used by St. Paul in Acts 3:21 to describe the future restoration of the universe to a state in accordance with God's will), from apokathistanai, to restore, reinstate, return : apo-, apo- + kathistanai, to bring into a certain state (kata-, cata- + histanai, sta-, to set, place; see stā- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots).]


the belief that all free creatures shall experience salvationa restitution or reestablishmentthe return to a previous state or conditiona return to the same position, esp on completion of a period of revolution
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