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Lacking a pole or poles.
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Electronegatividad y --Se explica el concepto solo en el contexto de polaridad del enlace la prediccion del caracter polar o apolar del enlace o de su caracter ionico o covalente.
brasiliensis apolar extracts revealed the presence of triterpenes and sesquiterpenes, such as hidroxigermacreno, lupeol, [beta]-amyrin acetate, spathulenol, cadinene, cadinol, oplopanona acetate, and [alpha]-acetoxy-[beta]-amyrin (20).
To evaluate the effects of polar and apolar extractives on the thermal behavior of wood, sawdust samples from the heartwood of L.
Obama had realized that in an apolar, globalized world, no one state could shape the conflicts that have widely become privatized with state and non-state actors operating in a transnational sphere.
In regard to polarity, 80% pollen were Isolpoar, 10% Apolar and 10% Heteropolar (Table 2).
A Hewlett-Packard 6890 GC system was used for gas chromatography analysis, fitted with a fused-silica-capillary column with an apolar stationary phase HP5MS[TM] (30 m x 0.
Berg, Temperature Effects on Micelle Formation and Particle Charging with Span Surfactants in Apolar Media, Langmuir, 31, 9602 (2015).
Es de resaltar que la introduccion de una cadena alquilica larga en el nitrogeno de la pirrolidina, aumento significativamente la solubilidad del compuesto en una amplia variedad de disolventes, desde hexano como disolvente apolar hasta etanol como disolvente polar.
Previous research showed that, pockets having large volume, high depth and a high apolar amino acid ratio are helpful factors to determine druggability (45).
An earlier trial was conducted with curcumin, a rather apolar polyphenol of limited bioavailability.
34-38], the contact angle is related to the polar (Lewis acid-base, AB) and apolar (Lifshitz-van der Waals, LW) components of the surface energy of solids, as well as the solid-liquid interfacial energy.