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Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some people believe that the Apollo moon landings were faked by NASA, which used doctored photos, staged videos and other ploys to dupe the public.
When I watched the last of the Apollo Moon landings on TV in 1972, I assumed that we would be seeing rockets like this by the early 1980s.
HIGHLIGHTS Other highlights of his career included covering the Apollo moon landings in 1969 and being live on air in 1963 when news broke that John F Kennedy had been assassinated.
AN astronomer who watched the Apollo moon landings over 40 years ago on an old black and white TV has spoken of the inspiration Neil Armstrong gave him.
Following the concert, audience members will be treated to a screening of For All Mankind, a 1989 Academy Award nominated documentary film, a visually stunning cinematic record of the Apollo moon landings which features music (from Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks) by Brian Eno, Roger Eno and Daniel Lanois.
Take the family into space at the Science Museum, for example, and get a passport to follow the space trail, discovering rockets and satellites, marvel at the original Apollo 10 Command Module, and be part of the Apollo moon landings.
Films Transformers: Dark of the Moon (12A) Release date: Now showing The third, biggest and noisiest of Michael Bay's unique take on a bunch of toy robots, this time taking on a little-known cover-up at the time of the Apollo moon landings.
British journalist and author Nick Redfern has raised many questions on the space agency efforts in exploring outer space, including the Apollo moon landings, the controversial face on Mars, UFO sightings and other secret space programs.
From our first mission into space, to the Apollo moon landings, and the latest remote exploration of the outer solar system.
MISSIONS TO THE MOON: THE COMPLETE STORY OF MAN'S GREATEST ADVENTURE offers a boxed, slipcased keepsake survey of man's quest to explore the moon, from the early development of the German V1 and V2 weapons to the Apollo moon landings.
Washington, September 5 (ANI): Supporters of the theory that NASA faked the Apollo moon landings have the tide turned against them, as a lunar orbiter has spied spacecraft and astronaut tracks on the Moon left behind almost 40 years ago.
Astronauts who took part in the first Apollo Moon landings have called for a renewed focus on a manned mission to Mars.