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Noun1.Irvingia - wild mango
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
family Simaroubaceae, quassia family, Simaroubaceae - chiefly tropical trees and shrubs with bitter bark having dry usually one-seeded winged fruit
dika, Irvingia gabonensis, wild mango, wild mango tree - African tree with edible yellow fruit resembling mangos; valued for its oil-rich seed and hardy green wood that resists termites
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El primero corresponde a especimenes principalmente lisos, pertenecientes a las localidades de la laguna de Gran Eneal, laguna Las Peonias, Capitan Chico y desembocadura del Rio Apon.
ty and Jack stared at each , then turned back to the apon.
Cruz 1781 52 10 54 4 Buena Vista 1783 24 2 4 5 La Victoria 1784 46 5 47 6 San Jose 1785 17 6 10 7 Limoncito 1786 22 17 18 8 Sta Rosa 1787 22 7 7 9 Apon D 1789 15 13 5 10 Na.
In this passage, Jane criticizes Northumberland for apostatizing and praises Mary, hopeful for clemency: "The queens majesty is a mercyfull princes; I beseche God she may long contynue, and sende his bountefull grace apon hir.
En relacion con las unidades Cretacicas aflorantes en la Subcuenca de la Baja Guajira, segun Rodriguez y Londono (2002) las formaciones Palanz, Moina, Yuruma, Apon, Macara, La Luna y Guaralamai afloran en la Serrania de Cosinas.
APON system has typical ATM-like performance including small overhead, high scalability with short delays and reliable operation [12].
Beyond the critically important goal of helping scientists discover understand and solve complex problems that affect our lives, this award will enhance undergraduate education, provide training for information-technology workers and support statewide initiatives such as the Arkansas Research & Education Optical Network," said Amy Apon, professor of computer science and computer engineering, director of the computing center and principal investigator for the project.
moraly apon Virgill, says thus: Eneas purposis to Italy, his land of
O texto de apresentacao da "orelha", com a ilustre assinatura de Guillermo Orozco Gomez, ja apon ta para as "marcas singulares" das novas geracoes, "manifestas em sons, imagens e palavras propagadas pela musica, pelos muros, indumentarias e aderecos, telas de computadores, celulares, TVs e pelas comunidades de fas".
It was believed their we apon mounted Land Rover was blown up by either a landmine or a wire-triggered improvised explosive device.
Todo esto hace que uno se aleje de la base que, especialmente en el caso del sociologo, sirve de apon para reflexionar.
Global has taken apon itself to playan important role in promoting investment opportunities in the Arabian Gulf peninsula and itbrings in a strong reputation for investment banking, asset management, private equity investment, real estate investment and brokerage services.