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n.1.(Math.) The difference between two quantities commensurable only in power, as between ?2 and 1, or between the diagonal and side of a square.
2.(Mus) The remaining part of a whole tone after a smaller semitone has been deducted from it; a major semitone.
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Stained sections were analyzed using a Zeiss Z1 Apotome microscope and Axiovision software.
Este computo responde al leimma ([TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]), esto es, el semitono menor, siendo la apotome (aTCOTOpq) el semitono mayor, cuya proporcion tiende a interpretarse como 2187:2048, resultado de restarle a la relacion tonal o epogdoica (9:8) la del leimma (256:243) o, dicho de otra manera, de dividir sendos numeros quebrados.
To estimate the number of instars, the following measurements were taken: total body length (TL), lateral length of the head capsule (LLH, a line drawn from the base of the labral fan stalk to the posterior limit of the head, passing through the ocelli), and the width of the frontoclypeal apotome (WFA) (as in Alencar et al.
Relationship between width of the frontoclypeal apotome (WFA), total body length (TL), and lateral length of the head capsule (LLH) of Simulium guianense larvae collected in the Jacarei River, Piracuruca Municipality, Piaui, Brazil, in Jun 2011.
The venue (which also serves as NATO's headquarters in Milan) will house a selection of older works, two site-specific commissions, and a trio of new videos, including Apotome, the artists' haunting meditation on the psychological and sociocultural properties of the human voice.
Es mas, al no ser el semitono la exacta mitad de un tono, el leimma ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) se consideraba "el semitono menor" y la apotome ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) "el semitono mayor".
have developed the APOTOME system to aid researchers conducting critical biomedical research.
The ApoTome is a 3D imaging system for contrast enhancement in fluorescence microscopy based on grid projection techniques using HBO light source.
The distinguishing characteristics for species are found in the shape of the asymmetrical notch on the anterior margin of the frontoclypeal apotome.
Given Prosdocimo's pro-Pythagorean, anti-Marchetto stance, "major semitone," signifies apotome which indeed is the difference between the whole tone and the diatonic semitone (Prosdocimo's "minor semitone").