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Noun1.apparency - the property of being apparent
noticeability, noticeableness, obviousness, patency - the property of being easy to see and understand
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Can apparency affect the use of plants by local people in tropical forests?
Lucena FRP, Medeiros PM, Araujo EL, Alves AGC, Albuquerque UP (2012) The ecological apparency hypothesis and the importance of useful plants in rural communities from Northeastern Brazil: An assessment based on use value.
As one American case put it, "[a]pparent authority loses all of its apparency when the third party knows that actual authority is lacking.
Value-bestowal suffers an ontological primacy: Being is brought to apparency in such a manner that something is asserted to be of worth.
The alleged contradiction here is founded upon the following superficial apparency.
Thus, the apparency of a particular host plant may be dependent upon its detectability through a combination of both VOCs and C[O.
The crucial practical problem is that our culture widely accepts autonomy as a universal truth even as its subjective apparency becomes increasingly suspect (Wegner, 2002).
Gahn says these findings are consistent with something called the "plant apparency theory," which states that the most readily seen plants are those that are most likely to be attacked by predators.
The chemistry of defense and apparency in the corollas of Nicotiana attenuata.
In the American Midland Naturalist the suspect terms allozyme variation, caste-based polyethism, resource partitioning, electrophoretic comparison, trophic dynamics, factor analysis, plant apparency, energy flow and nutrient cycling were thought by some to be debasing traditional natural history.