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Noun1.Appenzeller - a smaller of the four Swiss breeds
Sennenhunde - any of four Swiss breeds
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The 184 members of the class of 2015 include Thomas Ahlstrom, Tyler Akers, Andrew Allred, Jacob Alo, Elias Appenzeller, Aaron Ashenfelter, Andrew Ayers, Emily Baker, Shaena Ballard, Rayna Banta, Austin C.
Varieties include Original, Swiss, Gorgonzola, Gruyere, Appenzeller, Fresh Blend and Chocolate.
SDN First Steps - Thursday, April 30 Among the participating SDN experts will be Arpit Joshipura, VP of Product Management & Strategy for Dell Networking and Guido Appenzeller, Chief Technology Strategy Officer of Networking and Security for VMware .
Finally, Hardin, Blanchard, Kemmery, Appenzeller, and Parker studied families who had children who were deaf and who used American Sign Language as their major communication mode.
Amidst huge hay bundles, cows and farm machinery, we are shown how the calves are cared for, before being led to a well-decorated barn for local beer and typical Appenzeller boiled sausages.
Original Appenzeller Streichmusik Alder, one of the most famous Swiss folklore bands promoting Swiss culture all over the world, performed throughout the three days.
Franks (retired educator and coach) and Appenzeller (consultant in private practice), propose modifications to our education system; they want teachers to ask themselves, bluntly, why they teach, recognize that character education is important, listen but not listen to the experts, acknowledge the Peter principal in school administration, understand their paradigms, accept accountability, regulate hazing, and exercise strategies for improvement.
Karin KLACK, (1) Vanessa MONMA, (1) Karina PELICARI, (2) Simone APPENZELLER, (2) Jozelio Freire de CARVALHO (3)
We are committed to the success of our Japanese customers, and are pleased to partner with very innovative technology companies like CTC and Net One Systems to deliver our Open SDN product suite in Japan," said Guido Appenzeller, CEO and co-founder of Big Switch Networks.
The fondue, which was made up of Gruyere, Tomme, Emmenthal and Appenzeller cheeses, was rich, thick and so warming I decided to take my coat off and dig in.
Second runner-up was Appenzeller Kase, made by Karl Germann, of Appenzell, Switzerland, which scored 98.
Costa MA, Matheson C, Iachetta L, Llagostera A, Appenzeller O.