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fruit crush, fruit juice - drink produced by squeezing or crushing fruit
jus de pomme
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Officials said that the Desi ghee was stored in blue drums after observing the situation the authority also sealed the godown of the factory and seized different products including 3000 liters of Vania Mango drink, 6750 liters Vania Apple drink, 15500 Kg Desi ghee, 6000 kg full cream milk powder, 6750 Vania Milk.
2 MILLION pints of the alcoholic apple drink every day.
Historically, cider was often a name given to a non-alcoholic apple drink in the US, and consequently alcoholic ciders were often labeled as 'hard' ciders.
Bigg Apple, Murree's signature carbonated Apple drink, the first of its kind in Pakistan, was such a huge hit in the market that the company subsequently introduced an orange flavored version called Bigg Orange.
Plans for a cider brewery that could produce up to 10,000 litres of the alcoholic apple drink have been unveiled by Deanhouse, Netherthong, entrepreneur Robert North.
He added: "The acid and sweet taste in the blackcurrant and apple drink could stimulate gustatory receptors providing maximum stimulation for salivations and secretions.
Its ever-expanding range includes a box of orange chocolates, costing pounds 7 and an apple drink at pounds 1.
Stuart, who has spent a number of years in the drinks industry, believes there is a market for the products, which include a hot apple drink, a cranberry drink and a maple syrup flavoured drink.
In fact there is very little taste to this version at all and it comes across more as a fizzy apple drink than a cider.
New figures suggest more than a billion pints of the alcoholic apple drink are sold every year, but some of the market's most prominent manufacturers have experienced falling sales.
The makers of soft drink Tango are looking for a seductive Scot who could be the voice for their new apple drink ad.