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n.1.One who appoints, or executes a power of appointment.
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3) To be valid, holders of H shares must deliver the Revised Proxy Form (as define below), and if such revised proxy form is signed by a person on behalf of the appointer pursuant to a power of attorney or other authority, a notarised copy of that power of attorney or other authority, to the Company's H share registrar, Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited at 17M Floor, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong, in not less than 24 hours before the time scheduled for holding the EGM.
Constitution leaves it to the appointer to decide how and when her
Kiir could use the advantage of being the appointer and statehouse incumbent to get a firm grip in the grassroots.
I'm responsible as an appointer in terms of the fact that a minister I chose was not able to fulfill his duties," Noda told reporters at his office.
While the elected assessor is both bureaucrat and politician, even if the assessor is appointed it is possible that their elected appointer will apply pressure to underassess constituent property.
In his words: "He was negotiator with Pharaoh, miracle worker by a magical rod, logistics expert in leading the exodus and wilderness trek, covenant mediator between Jahwe and Israel, lawgiver to the community, military commander-in-chief against Amalek and Midian, appointer and installer of priests, judge of disputes among the people, and a prophet--indeed more than a prophet, in the directness of his communication with God.
If the individual be of tender conscience and religiously quickened, the unhappiness will take the form of moral remorse and compunction, of feeling inwardly vile and wrong, and of standing in false relations to the author of one's being and the appointer of one's spiritual fate.
He has been told by both Tony Blair, who is actually his appointer, and the Queen, who is his patron, that he is not committed to writing about anything.
After much debate, a regionalization of the Planning Commission was suggested, but its members are appointed instead of elected, so there will be issues to which the appointee will likely be beholden to the appointer and thus too vulnerable to the appointer's opinion.
The congregation is judge, jury, appointer of experts, and even the appointer of the defendant's lawyer.