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(Bible) New Testament the destroyer, a name given to the Devil (Revelation 9:11)
[C14: via Late Latin from Greek, from apollunai to destroy totally]


(əˈpɒl yən)

the angel of the bottomless pit. Rev. 9:11.
[< Greek apollýōn, present participle of apollýnai to utterly destroy]
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In these terms, there was no reason to be surprised by Thompson's ground-laying second chapter on "Christian and Appolyon," where Bunyan's book was taken to seed the most oppositional, subversive, and demotically resilient strands of popular Dissent as those traditions made their way down the eighteenth century.
Gwynne Howell as Bunyan, Jeremy White as the Evangelist, Gidon Saks as Appolyon and many other fine singers in multiple roles provided splendid support.