n.1.Earnest prayer; devout wish.
A solemn apprecation of good success.
- Bp. Hall.
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Lola Castro, WFP Pakistan Representative and Country Director shared her apprecation.
This may be pure chance, or due to the vulnerability of paint and parchment, or may be a reading-in of Christian prejudice about non-Christian religion; but turning back to one's own world, this brief, privileged snap-shot of a cross-section of domestic life inevitably leads to a better apprecation of the value of cultural artefacts in understanding the wider scope of religion even in our supposedly post-Christian western world.
However, since there is no concept of interest under Sharia law, there is little apprecation of the time value of money, believes Williams.
But these fans have been pumped about their team for a while now, and they even had a rally for the Thunder before the start of the season where Durant showed up and went on a microphone to show his apprecation for their support.