n.1.One who approaches.
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Their contours have a socially determined variability and are defined according to "[s]uch factors as local population density, purpose of the approacher, fixed seating equipment, character of the social occasion, and so forth.
a procedure that renders the approacher himself "numinous", frees him from his "profane" being, and fits him for intercourse with the numen.
On ne pourra donc jamais approacher de pres les idees des auteurs, la signification ne sera jamais connue, et il faut avoir l'honnetete de le dire.
As soon as the actor is generating ideas that the approacher
The approacher initiates a possible context of ceremonial control that is acknowledged and consummated with the writer's responsiveness.
Expression of interest are invited for Design and construction of rall flyover and approachers on viaducts formation in Embankments cuttings including blanking supply and spreading of ballast and related works for single track electrified railway line on design build lump sum basis connecting new boraki DFC yard to dadri yard approx length 4.
In a trustware recommender systems, trust information can be used in one of the following approaches along with traditional recommender systems [18]: (i) Trust-aware memory-based CF approachers, which use memory-based CF techniques as their basic methods, and (ii) Trust-aware model-based CF approachers, which use model-based CF techniques as their basic methods.
Fein and Vossekuil found that "fewer than haft of American assassins, attackers, and near-lethal approachers since 1949 who chose public officials or figures as their primary targets exhibited symptoms of mental illness at the time of their attacks or near-lethal approaches.
05 could not be classified as either approachers or avoiders and, therefore, were eliminated from further analysis.
Clough, Brady, Kevin Keegan and Liverpool's original approachers - Tom Saunders and Steve Heighway - will understand his nerves.
First, it reviews major issues in educational leadership: defining the concept, building a knowledge base, choosing methodologies and analytical approachers, and training educational leaders.