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n.1.One who, or that which, approximates.
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The frail form of a Woman, being liable to be shattered by such an approximation, must be preserved by the State; but since Women cannot be distinguished by the sense of sight from Men, the Law ordains universally that neither Man nor Woman shall be approached so closely as to destroy the interval between the approximator and the approximated.
The other is that it can be easily realized to be a universal approximator, which fulfills a nonlinear mapping from an input domain to a corresponding output domain [2, 5, 19].
The multilayer perception (MLP) network, a type of ANN, has been found to be 'a robust function approximator for prediction and classification problem[s]' (Delen, Sharda, & Bessonov, 2006, 437).
5 cm straight S%/S,Clamp upper abdominal retraction elite rail with two joints Thomson type,Clamp U-shape aortic vascular, size-large,Clamp vessel for artery for micro-vascular anastomosis with approximator size 5A,Clip Crank II on Angling - 10", "S" Thompson type,Cross bar steel,Curved vascular clamp with soft pad
But these two algorithms still require many features especially for highly nonlinear RL problems, since the RLS approximator assumes a linear model [4].
T-S fuzzy model can be regarded as a universal approximator for the general nonlinear system.
The GaussianAxon applies a Gaussian function in the range of 0 to 1 to each neuron in the layer and is considered to be a local function approximator since it only responds significantly to the peak of the Gaussian of the input space.
The Cerebellar Model Arithmetic Computer (CMAC) algorithm provides a computationally-efficient and accurate nonlinear approximator.
This mapping is performed with the use of artificial neural network (ANN) multidimensional approximator [4,5], neurofuzzy system [6] or linear matrix operator [7].
47 Table 2: Vague approximators in teenagers and adult language on the basis of the data provided by COLT and DCPSE (face-to-face conversations and assorted spontaneous speech) VAGUE DCPSE sample/ Relative Frequency per APPROXIMATOR adults frequency 10,000 words (425,519 words) loads of 19 2.