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Fluorodeoxyglucose F18 Positron Emission Tomography in Progressive Apraxia of Speech and Primary Progressive Aphasia Variants.
specific language impairment, apraxia of speech, aphasia) and help determine therapy progress.
provide a new DVD in this edition, which contains 27 video clips of individual cases of dysarthria and apraxia of speech in a range of speaking tasks, as well as demonstrations of equipment and procedures and interviews with a prosthodontist and a speech-language pathologist.
Heather's creativity and patience have proven fine tools for surmounting challenges associated with her developmental delays and apraxia of speech, a condition that compromises her verbal abilities.
This rehabilitation study investigated the effects of an intensive phonomotor rehabilitation program on a 73-year-old male, 11 years poststroke, who exhibited apraxia of speech and aphasia.
Singing as therapy for apraxia of speech and aphasia: Report of a case study.