April Fools' day

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April Fools' Day

April 1, celebrated in various countries, including the United States and Great Britain, and marked by the playing of practical jokes. Also called All Fools' Day.

A′pril Fools'′ Day`

April 1, when jokes or tricks are traditionally played on the unsuspecting.
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Noun1.April Fools' Day - the first day of April which is celebrated by playing practical jokesApril Fools' day - the first day of April which is celebrated by playing practical jokes
day - a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"
Apr, April - the month following March and preceding May

April Fools' Day

يَوْم كِذْبَة إِبْريل apríl 1. april erster April Πρωταπριλιά día de los Santos Inocentes aprillipäivä 1er avril prvi travnja pesce di aprile エープリルフールの日 만우절 één april første april prima aprilis dia da mentira, Dia das Mentiras День смеха första april วันที่เล่นแกล้งกันหรือล้อเลียน 1 Nisan Şakası Ngày Cá tháng Tư 愚人节
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What was once an April Fool's joke is actually coming to the market.
THIRTY teaching staff who scooped PS1million on the Lotto thought at first it was an April Fool's Day joke.
APRIL Fool's Day kicks off a spring season of comedy in Barnsley and a call for budding comedians to join professional performers.
April Fool: Left, this Seaham joker won a fiver in the pub on April Fool's Day when he told a group of blokes at the bar he could bite his own ear, 1975; right, a nun runs out of petrol, 1970s (Pictures: Dennis Hutchinson)
This is not the first time Google has turned maps into games, in 2012 the internet giant had turned Maps into an 8-bit, classic video game dreamland inspired by Nintendo as an April Fool's Day prank.
The "One Direction" singer's death rumors went rampant on April 2 as a part of April fool's day prank.
April Fool's pranks are funny when they poke fun at ourselves.
Mirpur: With it being April Fool's day on Tuesday, cricket fans here are wondering who is likely to look the aACAyfool' after Tuesday's big match between Pakistan and the West Indies.
But, we failed to pull the wool over Jeff Fowler's eyes as he wrote: "I was wondering when I'd see my first April Fool's story.
IT'S April 1, which means, it must be April Fool's Day, the day widely recognised around the world as the day people play practical jokes and hoaxes on one another, before declaring 'April Fool
Management Company, a strategic marketing firm specializing in website development, online marketing, social media management and video production, produced a viral April Fool's video for SAKRETE[R], a leader in concrete and concrete-related products, that highlighted a new product for the company - SAKRETE[R] Soft-Crete, the world's first soft and flexible concrete.
April Fool's Day pranks are all in the name of fun and who can fault you for trying to bring a few smiles to your friend's faces; but we should play pranks in a responsible way