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Cardiovascular disease continues as the leading cause of death in the United States (Jones, Podolsky, and Greene 2012) and has been identified as apriority area for the reporting of hospital-based quality measures.
In acountry teeming with alarge number of youth, quantity will also be apriority area for the government in its endeavours --J.
According to his reasoning, the apriority of our logical abilities is inconsistent with certain externalist assumptions.
payment systems apriority focus, saying his company's payments team
The Offshore Act stipulates that an offshore company may apply for a apriority investora status after it has registered the actual owners of the company in the Trade Registry.
Apriority objective for the Department of Defense (DoD) is to shape a high-quality, high-performing, and agile Defense Acquisition Workforce to deliver technologically superior warfighting systems to our men and women in uniform in support of America's national security.
of Barcelona), the essays offer a basic exposition of the nature of language and chapters on formal semantics; theories of meaning and truth conditions; the nature and operation of reference; intentional contexts; context dependence; linguistic pragmatics, semantic normativity and naturalism; and analyticity, apriority and modality.
We identified increasing youth engagement and employment's apriority in our Programme for Government.
In this sense, anthropomorphism presumes the relative stability and apriority of human and non-human identity.
The stunning blonde has beenmade apriority act by Island, with representatives of her A&R, sales and promo departments attending gigs to get a better idea of howNina handles dates with only an acoustic guitar for company.
In the same race Big Drama's younger stablemate Apriority, who has had excuses lately, is also worth keeping on side.
Currently, water availability for use in agriculture is increasingly limited and expensive, creating apriority impetus for research projects that can identify genotypes with more efficient use of water and/or greater tolerance to water-deficit conditions.