n. pl.1.(Zool.) Naked spaces between the feathered areas of birds. See Pteryliæ.
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7) The dense feather layer and lack of apteria in penguins create a greater diagnostic challenge.
We also visually inspected nestlings of lark sparrows for ectoparasites, including apteria, feathers (if present), and facial, neck, and wing regions as described by Clayton and Walther (1997).
Apteria 1/0; Burmannia 2/0; Dictyostega 1/0; Gymnosiphon 3/0
Under the wings are the largest of these patches, called apteria, which cool birds in flight.
En el neotropico se han registrado 10 generos y cerca de 55 especies (Maas & Maas, 2005), de las cuales hasta el presente solo tres se han citado para la Argentina: Apteria aphylla (Nuttall) Barnhart ex Small, Burmannia capitata (Michx.