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a.1.(Med.) Relating to apyrexy.
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He was apyrexial and normotensive, with a normal respiratory rate.
The patient was systemically well and apyrexial, with a slightly elevated white cell count with neutrophilia.
On examination she was apyrexial, with a blood pressure of 140/123 mmHg and a pulse rate of 113 beats/min.
On clinical examination she was apyrexial, tachycardic, and tachypnoeic, and had generalised abdominal percussion tenderness.
Physical examination showed the patient to be hemodynamically stable and apyrexial.
On examination he was apyrexial but pale and tachycardic with a pulse rate of 110 beats per minute, blood pressure of 120/60mmHg, respiratory rate of 20 respirations per minute and oxygen saturations of 93% on room air.