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a.1.(Med.) Relating to apyrexy.
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During exit screening before boarding in Freetown and Casablanca, the case-patient was reported to have been apyrexial.
The patient was apyrexial and normotensive with a tachycardia of 133 beats per minute and diaphoresis.
On examination, she was apyrexial, with tenderness in the right iliac fossa region.
He was apyrexial and normotensive, with a normal respiratory rate.
Nutritional support was continued through TPN infusion via Right Internal jugular vein CVC and patient remained apyrexial.
The patient became apyrexial on this antibiotic therapy, which was prescribed for one month.
Patient was apyrexial, showed normal blood pressure (130/80 mmHg), tachycardia (110 bpm) and 97% Sa[O.
The patient was systemically well and apyrexial, with a slightly elevated white cell count with neutrophilia.
A source for her septicaemia was not identified and she was discharged home after she had remained apyrexial for 48 h.
On examination she was apyrexial, with a blood pressure of 140/123 mmHg and a pulse rate of 113 beats/min.