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 (ä′kə-bə, ăk′ə-), Gulf of
An arm of the Red Sea between the Sinai Peninsula and northwest Saudi Arabia. It has long been of strategic importance in the Middle East.


(ˈækəbə) or


(Placename) the only port in Jordan, in the southwest, on the Gulf of Aqaba. Pop: 80 790 (2004)


or A•ka•ba

(ˈɑ kə bə, ˈæk ə-)

1. a seaport in SW Jordan at the N end of the Gulf of Aqaba. 10,000.
2. Gulf of, an arm of the Red Sea between Saudi Arabia and Egypt. 100 mi. (160 km) long.
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Noun1.Aqaba - Jordan's portAqaba - Jordan's port; located in southwestern Jordan on the Gulf of Aqaba
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Jordan - an Arab kingdom in southwestern Asia on the Red Sea
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But the factory where they were to work in the Aqaba International Industrial Estate has not been built.
The Holy Land must be shared between the state of Palestine and the State of Israel living in peace with each other," declared President Bush during the June 3rd Israeli-Palestinian summit in Aqaba, Jordan.
Critics express concern that it could turn Aqaba into a haven for smugglers and undermine sovereignty.
The water-etched lower boundaries of Saudi Arabia -- the Gulf of Suez on the west and the Gulf of Aqaba on the east -- illustrate how rifts in the upper earth tend to follow the path of least resistance, traveling through the weakest areas, according to Michael S.
DoubleTree by Hilton Aqaba in Jordan Represents Brand's First in a Fast-Growing Pipeline of Hotels and Resorts to Open in the Region
Aqaba, July 30 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II, accompanied by His Royal Highness Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah, the Crown Prince, on Thursday, inaugurated Sheikh Subah Al Ahmad Al Subah Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal and the maritime services wharf of the power ports in Aqaba.
2 degrees, Richter Scale, jolted Aqaba city and other areas in southwest Jordan along the coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba at 6:34 pm Saturday.
10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Aqaba Technologies has launched www.
Saraya Aqaba has signed agreements with Colliers International and Mace Macro for work at their Saraya Souk project in the city of Aqaba in Jordan.
The construction of the new port in Aqaba, Jordan, for Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC), a second port in line with the country s economic master plan is completed by BAM International, the operating company of Royal BAM Group active outside of Europe, and its local partner MAG.
HM Queen Noor visited on Saturday the Noor Al-Hussein Foundation's (NHF) Tahiniyeh Factory in Qwairah, in the Aqaba governorate.