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Noun1.Arabic alphabet - the alphabet of 28 characters derived from Aramaic and used for writing Arabic languages (and borrowed for writing Urdu)
alphabet - a character set that includes letters and is used to write a language
unicameral script - a script with a single case
alfabeto árabe
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such as the first letter of the Arabic alphabet (alef) which is included in
The design and the shape of the logo combines features such as the first letter of the Arabic alphabet (alef/ C) which is included in the names of its publications (Iqraa/ AThNC), (Anwaar/ AaaeCN) and the English letter (I) in 'Imprint'.
For example, in November, 2016, we launched our educational 3D edutainment TV series 'Siraj', targeting Arabic-speaking children aged two to eight, with engaging content to help them learn the Arabic alphabet in a fun way.
Tawil told Arab News that he masters the Naskh and Diwani styles of the Arabic alphabet, as well as six other types of calligraphy.
Fazza is currently working on a number of e-learning projects, including an app to teach Arabic speakers prepositions, and an e-book for beginners to learn to read and write the Arabic alphabet.
Bai Marites Maguindra, head of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Bureau of Cultural Heritage, told the Inquirer that what was more depressing was the loss of ancient documents written in Jawi, a pre-Spanish form of writing derived from the Arabic alphabet then prevalent in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Islamic areas of the Philippines.
Half the pieces represent the letters of the Arabic Alphabet, and the other half embody the space around the letters.
Taa Marbouta" refers to an Arabic alphabet that indicates the feminine conjugation in the Arabic language.
Antura, the app's friendly blue-and-yellow dog who accompanies children in their discovery of the Arabic alphabet, quickly won the attention of second graders at Beirut's Uruguay First Ashrafieh Public School for Boys, where the app was presented Tuesday.
Earlier this year, it was revealed that Isis had released an app teaching the Arabic alphabet to their "cubs of the caliphate" - using cartoon images of weaponry.
Each piece has been designed using the Arabic alphabet.
B' due to the lack of a 'P' equivalent in the Arabic alphabet -- by using a piece of paper held up to their mouths.