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tr.v. Ar·ab·ized, Ar·ab·iz·ing, Ar·ab·iz·es
1. To make Arabic in form, style, or character.
2. To bring under Arab influence or control.

Ar′ab·i·za′tion (-bĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˌærəbaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) transfer to Arab control


[ˌærəbaɪˈzeɪʃən] Narabización f
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We have to thank God as we have been rescued from the evil actions of Arabization, murdering and bombardment of former Baath Regime.
The source explained the meeting also approved recommendations of the World Trade Organization (WTO) committee involving the proposition submitted by Kuwait toward the Arabization of the language at WTO.
First is a provocative statement made by a former foreign affairs minister of Sudan when in 1995 he told on point blank his counter parts from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Eretria that "It was the white man's colonialism that stopped the unhindered penetration of Islamization and Arabization in Africa, and with the departure of colonialism, the grand mission of marching will resume from Cairo to Cape.
The Turco-Saudi pact is the most recent outcome of the Arabization of Turkish foreign policy.
The two-day meeting, held at GCC General Secretariat headquarter, discussed a number of significant subjects, including a statute of the Translation and Arabization Center in GCC states, updating joint cultural action regulations, and a proposal to establish a permanent fine arts exhibition.
ALTOGETHER 5,000 medical terms were translated into Arabic language by the Arabization Center for Medical Sciences (ACMS) in 2014, taking the total number translated medical terminology by the Centre to 64,000 since 2009, ACMS assistant secretary general at the Council of Arab Ministers of Health in the Arab League Dr Yaqoub al Sharrah has revealed.
It also examines how these works articulate a distinctively Nubian identity, in the face of the twin threats of Arabization and assimilation, reclaiming Egypt's marginalized African heritage as an integral part of what it means to be Egyptian.
This was also accompanied by a degree of Arabization or even Saudization of Pakistan's culture and its turning away from its traditional Mogul culture with its heavy imprint of Persian culture and language.
The meetings will discuss a number of joint cultural topics between the GCC countries, especially the joint cultural cooperation in various fields, basic system for the Centre of Arabization and Translation and pay attention to Arabic language that the Sultanate gave a full perception about it, in addition to a number of topics that could promote cultural work between the GCC countries.
By using Islam as a political weapon to stay in power, the government is unwittingly destroying the rich traditional Malay culture and replacing it with Islam and Arabization.
The two day event was organized by Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University represented by King Abdullah Institute for Translation and Arabization.