arachidonic acid

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ar·a·chi·don·ic acid

An unsaturated fatty acid, C20H32O2, present in animal fats and synthesized by the body from linoleic acid, that is essential in human nutrition and is a precursor in the biosynthesis of some prostaglandins.

[From arachidic, of the groundnut, from New Latin Arachis, groundnut genus, from Greek arakis, arakid-, diminutive of arakos, a leguminous plant.]

arachidonic acid

(Biochemistry) a fatty acid occurring in animal cells: the metabolic precursor of several groups of biologically active substances, including prostaglandins
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Among children with asthma or rhinitis at the age of eight, higher blood levels of arachidonic acid were associated with a higher probability of being symptom-free at age 16 years.
One of the major pathways that take role in inflammation is arachidonic acid (AA) metabolism.
2] is the most upstream enzyme in the arachidonic acid cascade and releases arachidonic acid from the plasma membrane.
Arachidonic acid has been reported to kill juvenile and adult schistosomes in vitro and to reduce worm burdens by 50% to 78% in mice and hamsters infected with S.
In humans, initial oxygenation of arachidonic acid via 15-lipoxygenase type I and then by 5-lipoxygenase is one route of lipoxin biosynthesis that has been observed in mucosal tissues, such as the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and oral cavity, and that results from the interactions between epithelial cells and leukocytes.
This observation suggests that non-metabolized arachidonic acid may be, to some extent, incorporated into membrane ceramides and alter the membrane structure.
Linoleic acid is readily converted to its long-chain metabolite arachidonic acid, and this conversion is driven by the amount of linoleic acid ingested.
Platelet activation via these two prominent receptors results in the liberation of arachidonic acid from the plasma membrane.
Among n-6 HUFA, several studies have indicated the importance of arachidonic acid (AA, 20:4n-6) in fish metabolism since it is known to be the main fatty acid precursor of eicosanoids in fish (Henderson and Sargent, 1985; Henderson et al.
Laboratory tests performed included whole blood platelet aggregation with 2 different concentrations of ADP (5[micro]M, 10[micro]M), collagen (1[micro]g/mL), arachidonic acid (0.
Martek Biosciences Corporation produces life'sDHA, a sustainable and vegetarian source of DHA omega-3, for use in foods, beverages, infant formula and supplements, and life's AA, a sustainable and vegetarian source of the omega-6 fatty acid arachidonic acid, for use in infant formula (www.
A sampling of topics: neurochemical and developmental aspects of glutamate receptors in the retina, insights from structure-function studies of AMPA receptor agonists and competitive antagonists, NMDA receptor-mediated activation of arachidonic acid and nitric oxide signaling pathways in the spinal processing of pain, AMPA receptor-mediated neuronal death in motor neuron disease, excitotoxicity and white matter damage, and chemoreception of umami in caterpillars.