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Noun1.Muntingia - one species: Jamaican cherry; sometimes placed in family Flacourtiaceae
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Elaeocarpaceae, elaeocarpus family, family Elaeocarpaceae - genus of trees and shrubs widely distributed in warm regions some yielding useful timber; in some classifications included in the family Santalaceae
calabur tree, calabura, Jamaican cherry, Muntingia calabura, silk wood, silkwood - a fast-growing tropical American evergreen having white flowers and white fleshy edible fruit; bark yields a silky fiber used in cordage and wood is valuable for staves
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They do this by infusing their concoctions with unusual flavors and giving them equally unusual names-champorado (The People's Champ), sampaguita (Saison D'Orleans), vanilla chili (Love and Lust), even aratilis (Rastripel).
Someone once asked me, "Why don't you make aratilis gelato?
We can rattle off fruits up to the tiny aratilis, but Arcenas chose a tree, the arbol de fuego, also called caballero or fire tree, which produces beautiful red blooms by summertime.