Arbitrary function

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Tenders are invited for Supply of Dual Trace Cathode Ray Oscilloscope and Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator
Programmable Keithley Power Supplies Offer Up to 1080W Output; Standalone 60 MHZ Arbitrary Function Generator Features Best-in-class Price Performance
element14 has announced new benefits to its Tektronix and Keithley products including 5-year warranty for franchised models such as the Keithley 2200 power supplies, entry level TBS1000 Digital Storage Oscilloscope, arbitrary function generator AFG2021, mixed signal oscilloscopes MSO3000 / DPO3000, and benchtop digital multimeters.
Mouser's state-of-the-art global distribution network will place LeCroy oscilloscopes, arbitrary function generators and logic analyzers within easy reach of electronic design engineers and production equipment buyers in nearly every corner of the world as well as expand the support network for LeCroy products.
Let be given f: A [right arrow] R an arbitrary function, defined on the open set A in [R.
2), which is a homogeneous linear equation, choosing Q(z, z) = [partial derivative]Q/[partial derivative]S {z, z)R(z)/[sigma]", where R(z) is an arbitrary function of z, using relations (3.
0] f(x)y(x, [lambda])dx by an arbitrary function F [member of] [PW.
For each key we can pre-set arbitrary function, but mostly we use all keys for security system control.
A precision distorted 125 Mbps bit pattern is then turned into a real voltage signal with fast arbitrary function generator and fed into the network device under test.
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