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Ar·ca·di·a 1

 (är-kā′dē-ə) also Ar·ca·dy (är′kə-dē)
A region of ancient Greece in the Peloponnesus. Its relatively isolated inhabitants proverbially lived a simple, pastoral life.

Ar·ca·di·a 2

also ar·ca·di·a  (är-kā′dē-ə)
A region offering rural simplicity and contentment.


(ɑrˈkeɪ di ə)

1. a mountainous region of ancient Greece in the central Peloponnesus: traditionally represented in literature as a place of pastoral innocence and contentment.
2. any real or imaginary place offering peace and simplicity.


[ˈɑːkədɪ] NArcadia f
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Though not born there, he had a peculiar affection for the Isle of Thanet, and he was fired with enthusiasm at the thought of spending a fortnight so close to the earth and amid conditions which needed only a blue sky to be as idyllic as the olive groves of Arcady.
So come, you two gay youthful things to whom all life is yet fair and good, and we will seek the path to Arcady.
All of a sudden I'd be traveling down a country road, and everything clean and quiet, no dust, no dirt; just streams ripplin' down sweet meadows, and lambs playing, breezes blowing the breath of flowers, and soft sunshine over everything; and lovely cows lazying knee-deep in quiet pools, and young girls bathing in a curve of stream all white and slim and natural--and I'd know I was in Arcady.
Arcady is an illustration of this development and was part of an important body of work created for Kettles Yard in Cambridge but not shown in London until being acquired by the Crafts Council.
Bribed by the director of the orphanage, Arcady participates in a series of soccer competitions against larger and stronger boys, with the intention of entertaining the inspectors.
En El tesoro de Pancho Villa (1935, Arcady Boytler), el general es presentado como un hombre callado, cruel y sin piedad, el que--a la manera del capitan Flint de la novela pirata La isla del tesoro de Robert Louis Stevenson--esconde su tesoro en una cueva y despues mata friamente a todos los que le ayudaron a transportarlo.
CARDIFF: Goat Major Projects ( ), Lois Williams: Arcady.
La mujer del puerto (1933), de Arcady Boytler y Rafael J.
Sugrue, Boteva, Mac Master, Hegedus, Arcady Singers.
It is in walking the physical spaces of Australia, with its legacy of penal colony and potential Arcady, that Lawrence's characters are able to cross, confront, and be confounded by the "invisible lines" of inherited narratives that demarcate identity and where one belongs (Solnit, Landscapes 7).
The woods of Arcady are dead, And over is their antique joy; Of old the world on dreaming fed; Grey Truth is now her painted toy;
Rosneft is one of Russia's leading state-run companies obliged to devise innovative development programs, presidential aide, Arcady Dvorkovich said.