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Noun1.Arcellidae - soil and freshwater protozoaArcellidae - soil and freshwater protozoa; cosmopolitan in distribution
protoctist family - any of the families of Protoctista
order Testacea, Testacea - testacean rhizopods
genus Arcella - type genus of the Arcellidae
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The highest densities of Centropyxidae and Difflugidae were found in the rainy period, while the families Arcellidae and Nebellidae were denser in the dry period (Table 1).
The families Arcellidae, Difflugiidae and Centropyxidae were three of the four most abundant families, representing 90.
The families Brachionidae (17), Trichocercidae (15) and Lecanidae (14) presented the highest number of species among the rotifers, the families Difflugiidae, Arcellidae and Centropyxidae (12, ten and four species, respectively), amongst the testate amoebae.