Arctic hare

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arctic hare

(Animals) a large hare, Lepus arcticus, of the Canadian Arctic whose fur is white in winter
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Noun1.arctic hare - a large hare of northern North AmericaArctic hare - a large hare of northern North America; it is almost completely white in winter
genus Lepus, Lepus - type genus of the Leporidae: hares
hare - swift timid long-eared mammal larger than a rabbit having a divided upper lip and long hind legs; young born furred and with open eyes
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The chance of spotting bears, wolverine, foxes, Arctic hare and the illusive wolf is not guaranteed - but half the fun is in that heart-stopping moment just before they appear.
ABOUT THAT BIG, PLEASE Baby wants a fish JOB DONE Elephant seal takes a rest YAWN FREE Posing for wildlife cameras SEALS LYIN' Mum and baby on ice shelf AT THE SEASLIDE Penguins explore an iceberg HAPPY FEAT Dads look after the birth while mum grabs lunch LIFE'S SO HAREY When you're only little N-ICE DAY FOR A WALK Cubs out with their mum BEAK HOUSE Albatross chicks are hard work EAR WE GO Arctic hare keeps lookout HIT PAWS BUTTON Arctic fox family caught on camera OFF YOU SNOW, SON Emperor dad takes junior for a walk P-P-PERFECT Little Emperor peeks out from under its dad
We were fortunate enough to spot Arctic foxes and the Arctic hare, neatly camouflaged in the snow.
In that season it can be a genuinely beautiful spot, with plunging fjords and mountain ranges that surge to the horizon and seemingly beyond, where oceans of red arctic willow waver in the wind, and exotic arctic hare, polar bear, ermine and lemming cavort in seeming harmony as they lend for their existence; a place where a periwinkle yellow sun never sets and w here the colour blue can take on more hues than infinity.
They show variously an Arctic hare, a reindeer and a wolf and start from pounds 65 each.
Analysis of the samples from soils that formed between 10,000 and 7600 years ago showed the presence of mammoth and horse DNA together with animals typically found in the region today, such as moose and arctic hare.
Sutherland identifies two rationales by which finds of yarn from Dorset culture sites can be considered evidence of contact with the Norse: 'Spinning was not a part of the technology of northern aboriginal peoples' (Sutherland 2000b: 241), and very similar yarn spun from Arctic hare fur has also been found at a thirteenth- to fourteenth-century Norse site in Greenland (Sutherland 2000a: 161).
In this time of concern over the fate of the Arctic regions, Polar Bear, Arctic Hare illuminates the rich diversity of life that abounds in the far north.
He also named year-round residents, such as the Willow Ptarmigan and Arctic Hare.
Tundra The arctic hare and The arctic willow Spanning the Arctic arctic fox sport has shallow roots so Circle, the tundra is the white coats.
They enlist the services of fun-loving penguin Caruso, Arctic hare Lena and snow goose Pieps to scour every inch of the ice floes to find Lars.

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