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Noun1.Ardisia - tropical evergreen subshrubs (some climbers) to trees of Asia and Australasia to Americas
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
family Myrsinaceae, Myrsinaceae, myrsine family - family of Old World tropical trees and shrubs; some in Florida
Ardisia crenata, spiceberry, coralberry - shrub with coral-red berries; Japan to northern India
Ardisia escallonoides, Ardisia paniculata, marlberry - tropical American shrub or small tree with brown wood and dark berries
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Some of the many interesting varieties that make up the garden today include weeping mulberry, rose of Sharon, croton, cordyline, swamp sunflower, ardisia, pieris japonica, and acuba.
Some plant species support only 1 stage of the insect: for example, Ardisia crenata Sims supports only larval feeding.
Spear Thistle 8g Selkirk - Ardisia Tony Hayward & Sue Head 0/2168PRPR 129h OR 123h Like last year we started him out on the Flat, but he didn''t perform that well at Catterick and decided to look after himself.
ARDISIA or Coral Berry is a showy and unusual plant that will give your friends a challenge as well as years of pleasure.
Common names (ITIS 2008) Subtropical Moist Forest Ardisia obovata (Myrsinaceae) Guadeloupe marlberry Cestrum laurifolium (Solanaceae) Galen del monte Chiococca alba (Rubiaceae) West Indian milkberry Chionanthus compactus (Oleaceae) Bridgotree Coccothrinax barbadenses (Arecaceae) Puerto Rico silver palm Eugenia monticola (Myrtaceae) Birdcherry E.
Variation in overstorey structure is limited by the dominance of Shorea and the understorey structure is relatively diverse, composed of Ardisia solanacea, Colebrookia oppositifolia, Clerodendrum viscosum, and Murraya koenigii.
arenicola Holly Georgia Ilex longpipes Holly Sarvis Ilex amelanchier Holly Tawnberry Ilex krugiana Hoptree California Ptelea crenulata Hoptree Common Ptelea trifoliata India-almond Terminalia catappa Joewood Jacquinia keyensis Juniper Common Juniperus communis Lebbek Albizia lebbeck Leucaena Littleleaf Leucaena retusa Licaria Florida Licaria triandra Lidflower Pale Calyptranthes pallens Locust Kelsey Robinia kelseyi Maidenbrush Savia bahamensis Maidenbrush Marlberry Ardisia escallonioides Mango Mangifera indica Mangrove Red Rhizophora mangle Milkbark Drypetes diversifolia Mountain-ash Showy Sorbus decora Mountain-ash Sitka Sorbus sitchensis Mountain-holly Nemopanthus collinus Nectandra Florida Nectandra coriacea Oak California black Quercus kelloggii Oak Delta Post Quercus stellata var.
For a red-and-white theme, you could try grouping red-berried ardisia with red kalanchoes and white fairy primroses.
Ardisia colorata was found to host the highest number of endophytes (14 isolates), followed by Molineria latifolia (13 isolates) and Zingerberaceae sp.
arenicola * (FL) HOLLY Georgia Ilex longpipes * (SC, GA, LA) HOLLY Sarvis Ilex amelanchier * (NC, SC, GA, FL, LA) HOLLY Tawnberry Ilex krugiana (FL) LICARIA Florida Licaria triandra * (FL) LOCUST Kelsey Robinia kelseyi * (NC, TN, KY) MAIDENBRUSH Savia bahamensis * (FL) MAIDENBRUSH Marlberry Ardisia escallonioides * (FL) MESQUITE Screwbean Prosopis pubescens (TX, NM, AZ, UT, NV, CA) NECTANDRA Florida Nectandra coriacea * (FL) OAK McDonald Quercus macdonaldii * (CA) OAK Northern pin Quercus ellipsoidalis (MI, WI, MN) OAK Turkey Quercus laevis (VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS LA) PAWPAW Bigflower Asimina obovata * (NC, SC, GA, FL) PEPPERTREE Brazil Schinus terebinthifolia # (TX, CA) PINE Fallax pinyon Pinus edulis var.