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1. A small, specialized, cushionlike area on a cactus from which hairs, glochids, spines, branches, or flowers may arise.
2. See areola.

[French aréole, from Latin āreola, small open space; see areola.]


1. (Biology) biology a space outlined on a surface, such as an area between veins on a leaf or on an insect's wing
2. (Botany) a sunken area on a cactus from which spines, hairs, etc, arise
ˈareoˌlate adj


(ˈɛər iˌoʊl)

[1855–60; < French < Latin]
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5 mm wide, extending from apex of nut upward and confluent with lateral wing; nut inserted above center of lateral wing, persistently thinly sericeous; ventral areole ovate or triangular, 3.
We also were able to regenerate whole plants from shoot slices containing a single areole (Fig 10); however, it took 4 more years to achieve full plant production.
The boat's passengers; Blake Doud and Areole Trattner, of Myrtle Creek; and Olaf Myhre III and Edith Myhre, of Riddle; put on lifejackets and used a rope to wade downstream to an island, where a passing fisherman brought them to the bank, Hutson said.
Caution should be taken since the adults frequently exhibit sexual and age dimorphism in relation to body size, shape and coloration as well as areole arrangement.
The smaller drawing shows a single areole with spines.
They then bored a hole into the areole and consumed tissue beneath the areole, creating a small gallery in the cactus branch.
cactorum females on host plants were recorded by classifying the attachment of the eggstick to either a glochid at an areole, to a spine, or on the fruit.
The most important attributes for the classification were the quantity of radial thorns and the number of thorns for areole in the cladodes, and the color and weight of the pulp of the fruits.
germinating radicle (8-12 months later), it is in this areole that the
Floriferous zone: without modifications = 0; with lower number of spines in areole = 1; with whole floriferous zone modified = 2; abundant trichomes = 3; limited to brachiblast growth in the areole = 4 22.