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A baked or fried cornmeal cake of traditional Colombian cuisine.

[Cariban ərepa, maize.]


a Colombian cornmeal cake
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is a must-have for foodies whether they want to make a dish like arepas or a homemade favorite like cornbread.
Traditionally used to prepare Venezuelan arepas, P.
The best sellers in this XIV Buyers Mission were pineapples, fresh and frozen, mangos, fresh and frozen, tubers, palms, chayotes, plants, flowers and foliage, snacks, sauces, tuna, arepas, jellies, dressings, articles of clothing, and construction.
Arepas, available in yellow, white and sweet corn varieties, are a house specialty.
Look for mounds of rice, small skin-on yellow potatoes, fried yucca and those crunchy Colombian corn-flour patties called arepas with most entree offerings.
50 and a flavorful Colombian sausage with arepa at the same price.
Hours later her husband, Pablo, will strap a box of arepas onto a rickety bicycle and wheel it through a maze of mud paths to sell to neighbors.
With increases in the US Hispanic population and non-Hispanic people gain familiarity with items such as Cuban Sandwiches, Empanadas, and Arepas, the Company believes that positioning their products outside the freezer will boost the Havana Roadhouse brand name nationally as a recognized manufacturer of high-quality, great tasting, premium ethnic food items.
There are other smaller bites: Corn cakes called arepas ($7) with spicy sausage and romesco sauce, saladlike plates with romaine hearts and chile strips ($5.
Turn key, fully functioning, state of the art, industrial grade kitchen producing arepas for wholesale distribution to restaurants, supermarkets, street vendors and other retail food outlets.
A popular, neighborhood fast food Colombian Restaurant featuring traditional dishes such as arepas, patacon pisado, antojitos, chicharron and many meat selections.
An arepa filled with spiced, shredded meat (carne mechada) is one of the most popular, but Reina Pepiada--chicken salad--is also a winner.