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n.1.A genus of venomous ticks which attack men and animals. The famous Persian Argas, also called Miana bug, is Argas Persicus; that of Central America, called talaje by the natives, is Argas Talaje.
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New artificial feeding technique for experimental infection of Argas ticks (Acari: Argasidae).
anserina in Argas ticks, and other borrelia associated with ixodid ticks will be fruitful tick-spirochete associations to study.
Including Argas contribution, this profit for the third quarter 2005 is Euros 5.
Argas is a CGG-Petromin (49%/51%) seismic joint venture company currently operating three crews in Saudi Arabia.
7 million by subsidiaries, principally Argas, consolidated under the equity method compared to a positive contribution of Euros 5.
CGG CEO Jean-Georges Malcor said, We are delighted that Saudi Aramco is continuing its long-term relationship with CGG by awarding what is one of the world s largest land seismic survey programs to ARGAS.
CGG, a fully integrated Geoscience company providing geological, geophysical and reservoir services, has announced that Argas, its joint venture with Taqa in Saudi Arabia, has been awarded a major contract by Saudi Aramco.
In addition some other genera of Ixodidae, such as Dermacentor and Rhipicephalus, can also support the virus infection; the virus is also detected in Ornithodoros and Argas ticks as well (Tahmasebi et al.
Haemaphysalis, Hyalomma, Boophilus, Dermacentor, Rhipicephalus ve Argas turlerine ait keneler butun Anadolu'da yaygin olarak bulunmaktadir (3).
The Saudi-based Argas expects to start gathering the data in the Zuluf oilfield in November 2010, it said in an e-mailed response, adding that work would be completed in two years.