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Argas persicus transmits Borrelia anserina which is the causative agent of fowl spirochaetosis (Rashid and Ali, 1991; Telmadarraiy et al.
4 Argas persicus, and 138 Ornithodoros sonrai) from 55 burrows inside of 16 human dwellings were collected.
Argas persicus had the most frequency in poultry nests, but only few of the argasid ticks were collected from human dwellings (Table 3).
Taxonomical study of ectoparasites on indigenous poultry and effect of fowl tick Argas persicus on different blood parameters.
Turkiye'de gorulen keneler Rhipicephalus bursa Rhipicephalus turanicus Rhipicephalus sanguineus Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum Hyalomma detritum Hyalomma matginatum marginatum Boophilus annulatus Haemaphysalis parva Haemaphysalis punctata Haemaphysalis sulcata Dermacentor marginatus Ornithodoros lahorensis Argas persicus Tablo 4.
Examples in this group include Argas persicus (the fowl tick), Ar.
2%, Goniodes gigas 1% y Chelopistes meleagridis 1%, una especie de garrapata Argas persicus 2% y el acaro Megninia cubitalis 12%.