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(French arʒɑ̃tœj)
(Placename) a suburb of Paris, France, with a convent (656) that became famous when Héloïse was abbess (12th century). Pop: 103 250 (2008)


(ar ʒɑ̃ˈtœ yə)

a city in N France, on the Seine near Paris. 103,141.
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She spent the most of her childhood in the convent of Argenteuil --never heard of Argenteuil before, but suppose there was really such a place.
She had become prioress of Argenteuil and led a life of complete seclusion.
PARIS, July 21 (KUNA)-Elite police and intelligence officers have carried out searches and raids and made arrests in the northern Paris suburb of Argenteuil, French Television reported Wednesday.
TEHRAN (FNA)- French police started anti-terrorist operation in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil, authorities said.
The 1874 painting is entitled Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat.
Earlier this year, a pregnant Muslim woman was attacked by two Islamophobic men in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil.
Over several courses, and with 40 options on offer, the cream of Edwardian society were served a choice of such dishes as eggs Argenteuil, consomme fermier, chicken a la Maryland, galantine of chicken or grilled mutton chops.
Japanese and American tourists often come to Argenteuil hoping to see where they painted.
The bequest to the National Gallery includes Snow Scene at Argenteuil (1875) and Water-Lilies, Setting Sun (1907) by Monet, Henri Rousseau's Portrait of Joseph Brummer (1909), After the Bath (1896) by Edgar Degas and a Gauguin.
The Art of Claude Monet" presents 30 different masterpieces from 12 museums and private collections from around the world, including "Poppies at Argenteuil.
Only 15 minutes by train from Paris, Argenteuil was a paradise for the Impressionists.
Similar places, called guinguettes, spread out on the Seine between Argenteuil and Bougival at the time of the impressionists, but the Maison Fournaise is the only one lfet.