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  1. Argued like a lawyer —Edith Wharton

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  2. Argue like geese —Ben Hecht
  3. Arguing like sparring fish in a tank —Graham Swift
  4. Arguing with Owen was like fencing with a bag of wool —Julia O’Faolain

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  5. The argument broke open, porous as cheese —Julia O’Faolain
  6. Arguments are like the grinding of rusty blades —Elizabeth Hardwick
  7. Can’t help arguing like I can’t help the man in the moon —Louise Erdrich
  8. Clash like the coming and retiring wave —Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  9. Clash, like waves of the sea —John Hall Wheelock
  10. Contention is like fire, both burn so long as there is any exhaustible matter to contend with —Thomas Adams
  11. Grabbed the argument as if it were a beachball we were tossing between us —Dorothy B. Francis
  12. Her argument clung to its point like a frightened sharp-clawed animal —Edith Wharton
  13. His argument is as thin as the homeopathic soup that was made by boiling the shadow of a pigeon that had been starved to death —Abraham Lincoln
  14. Her arguments are like elephants. They squash you flat —Rumer Godden
  15. Protesting like children at nap time —George Garrett
  16. Split [in disagreement] like an egg —Paige Mitchell
  17. Talking to Oscar [Levant] is like fighting a man who has three fists instead of the regulation two —Alexander Woolcott
  18. True disputants are like true sportsmen, their whole delight is in the pursuit —Alexander Pope

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  19. Words..flew between them like sparks between steel striking steel —Edna Ferber
  20. The words [during an argument] whipped away like weightless leaves —Lael Tucker Wertenbaker
References in classic literature ?
Meg laughed, for she was glad to see a glimmer of Jo's old spirit, but she felt it her duty to enforce her opinion by every argument in her power, and the sisterly chats were not wasted, especially as two of Meg's most effective arguments were the babies, whom Jo loved tenderly.
As he went along in the darkness under the trees he forgot the babbling voice of the stranger and his mind returned to the making of arguments by which he might de- stroy men's faith in God.
Pontellier's arguments were usually convincing with those whom he employed.
The deliberate woodsman had little occasion to hunt for arguments to enforce his advice.
Knowing your natural temper better than l, he could the better judge what arguments to use, whether of tenderness or terror, such as might prevail over your hardness and obstinacy, insomuch that you should no longer hide the name of him who tempted you to this grievous fall.
Now, however preposterous it may at first seem to talk of any creature's skin as being of that sort of consistence and thickness, yet in point of fact these are no arguments against such a presumption; because you cannot raise any other dense enveloping layer from the whale's body but that same blubber; and the outermost enveloping layer of any animal, if reasonably dense, what can that be but the skin?
They never could agree all together; there were so many arguments upon each side, and one would be obstinate, and no sooner would the rest have convinced him than it would transpire that his arguments had caused another to waver.
He visited the Quaker, in high anger; but, being possessed of uncommon candor and fairness, was soon quieted by his arguments and representations.
Arguments have no chance against petrified training; they wear it as little as the waves wear a cliff.
To argue with her that this is nonsense is a waste of breath - her mind is made up, and arguments do not affect it.
and that sort of thing, it hurts you and humiliates you, and there is no getting around it with fine reasoning and pretty arguments.
Tom recognized that neither lies nor arguments could help him any longer--he was in a vise, with the screw turned on, and out of it there was no budging.

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