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Noun1.Ariana - city in TunisiaAriana - city in Tunisia      
Republic of Tunisia, Tunisia - a republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean coast; achieved independence from France in 1956; "southern Tunisia is mostly desert"
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The overall winner was Arianna Merlin Fernandes, aged three-and-a-half months, who won the prize of a large canvas portrait and PS100 to spend in the shopping centre.
Abu Dhabi: Arianna Fine Jewellery luxury boutique from Pure Gold Group has opened in the centrally located Abu Dhabi Mall, giving customers access to exquisite precious jewellery and accessories designed by international jewellery houses like Moraglione and Annamaria Cammilli.
Bertwood Realty has been extremely active in the area, doing deals for Saint James, Arianna, Carre d'Artistes, among others.
The seven-year-old became a hit on our website WalesOnline when he and his sister Arianna were filmed entertaining crowds outside House of Fraser.
Arianna De Reus co-presented an ICIK seminar with her mother, Dr.
The luxurious multibrand Arianna store, the jewellery retailer's second after the one in Burj Al Arab in Dubai, opened on August 1 in Paris' The Peninsula hotel.
After telling Gabi that Sami plans to take Arianna away from her, Nick talked Gabi into having Aiden draw up a custody agreement between them for Arianna.
Following the launch of the Westin Well-being Movement, Westin Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Huffington Post chair, founder, and editor-in-chief Arianna Hufington, who has joined the 'Well-being Council' to lead the Work Well concept.
Daniele Lanzarotta shows the beauty and the dark side of both, mermaid and human world, in a tale where Arianna (mermaid) and Blake (human) find each other and fight to escape a reality of dysfunctional families and emotional abuse.
Arianna Huffington, founder and editor-in-chief of online empire the Huffington Post, used remarks at a graduation ceremony for students from American University in Dubai yesterday to tell them to put down their gadgets once in a while.
The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) has inked 1-year agreements with six of the country's current and future Olympians namely Michael Mathieu, Chris Brown, Demetrius Pinder, and Ramon Miller, Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace and Anthonique Strachan to endorsement deals.
Donald Trump had words for Arianna Huffington on Tuesday, and none of them were remotely kind.