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Noun1.Arianrhod - Celtic goddess famous for her beauty; mother of Dylan
Cambria, Cymru, Wales - one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; during Roman times the region was known as Cambria
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Somerville biographer Robyn Arianrhod speculates that Mary may have wanted to escape Burntisland in the hopes of finding more intellectually-minded people (2012, 171).
Priod arbennig a chariadus Barbara, a Thad amhrisiadwy Ann a Jonny, Joyce, a Michael a STEVIE; Taid caredig Aaron a BeThan, Daniel, STIAN ac Arianrhod, a brawd annwyl Wil Roj a'r diweddar Robin Ken a'u Teuluoedd.
One is between the two main child characters from Blest, Ambrose Temple (Grundo) and Arianrhod Hyde (Roddy): Grundo exerts coercive power over Roddy by emotional and magical manipulation in order to keep her as a protective older friend.
Arianrhod (2003) states that the symbolism of the language of mathematics is an extremely important and integral part of its content.
EINSTEIN'S HEROES: Imagining the World through the Language of Mathematics ROBYN ARIANRHOD
Dewis da felly i greu llong, ac ar fwrdd y llong hon y glaniodd y dryw bach a fu'n fodd i dwyllo Arianrhod i roi enw i'w mab.
Mae Rhys wedi sylwi ar yr adar trawiadol yma ers sawl blwyddyn bellach, weithiau gymaint hanner cant ar y tro, a hynny'n aml yng nghyffiniau Caer Arianrhod.
In Moonwise, "Ariane" evokes a complex of ideas: Ariadne, with her labyrinth and clew; Arachne, the weaver turned to a spider; and Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel, the Spiral Castle where the dead go, in among the mazy stars; as well as "arain," which is Yorkshire dialect for "spider.
The book was short-listed for the Children's Book Council of Australia Awards, and Australian mathematician, author and university lecturer Robyn Arianrhod checked the work requirement and investigative exercises for Pausacker, collaborating with her on the writing of the sixth chapter.
Hefyd, daw Britt i wybod y gwir am Arianrhod a rhaid i Sion gyfiawnhau ei hun wrth ei wraig.
Mi wnaethon nhw ffilmio'r gn hyfryd a gyfansoddwyd gan Caryl Parry Jones, Nos yng Nghaer Arianrhod, yng Nghaer Belan ger Caernarfon, a'r gn Mab y Mans (cyfieithiad o'r gn enwog a ganwyd gydag arddeliad gan Dusty Springfield, Son of a Preacher Man) ym Mhorth y Gest.
Arianrhod was a fictional figure represented chiefly in the fourth branch of the Mabinogi.