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A satellite of Uranus.

[After Ariel, a sylph that guards the heroine of The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope.]


(Animals) an Arabian gazelle, Gazella arabica (or dama)
[C19: from Arabic aryal]


(Celestial Objects) the smallest of the four large satellites of Uranus


(ˈɛər i əl)

(in Shakespeare's The Tempest) a spirit of the air who is required to use his magic to help Prospero.
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For the Magical Starlight Theatres new production of the beloved story of mermaid Ariels quest to find love and her place in the world, opening this Friday for a 10-performance run in Naperville, dance will be the artistic mechanism that brings that feeling home to the audience.
The model sports car will be built at Ariels facility in Somerset.
Tempest' now as a crew of three, all three Ariels are made to move with mimetic lightness, with gestures and poses conveying as they cause stage drapery to billow like storm clouds, play music, sing, perform such tasks onstage as would be performed by stagehands offstage or during intermission.
I would recommend the book for higher primary and above, because the book contains mystical creatures, people, world and objects; for example, the charm that Ariels receives so she can create a portal to help her jump through dimensions and arrive in Walhalla.
Ariels controversial calls on Monday came after the Jordan-run Islamic Waqf began renovation works at the site, and said this could inflict irreparable harm on what Jews believe as the site of the Second Temple.
In the new slopestyle event America dominated securing a clean sweep of the podium positions for only the third time in history while Belarus won the ariels and France the women's ski cross.
Ariels Construction, East Wenatchee; general construction.
Bikes consisted of excellent examples of Gold Stars, Nortons, Ariels, Swift, Harleys, Indians, Zundap, BSA Shooting Star, Honda and of course the Manx.
As if we were non-cinematic Ariels, "The Little Mermaid" who dared to boldly live beyond the water.
Our recommendations include Scottish acts Ariels Up (tonight, Liquid Room) and Admiral Fallow (Sunday, Liquid Room).
Denounced by the government yet championed by critics and audiences alike, "Hell" virtually swept the Ariels (Mexico's equivalent of the Academy Awards) and tallied record B.