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1. (Placename) the ancient name of Rimini
2. (Historical Terms) the ancient name of Rimini


(ˈrɪm ə ni)

1. Francesca da, Francesca da Rimini.
2. Ancient, Ariminum. a seaport in NE Italy, on the Adriatic. 130,787.
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Historians of the social life of the later Roman Empire speak of a certain young man of Ariminum, who would jump into rivers and swim in
Servilius had an intact consular army at Ariminum on a good road not much farther from Rome than Hannibal, and the consul would certainly have responded had the Carthaginians approached the capital.
Concerning the reasons underlying the Homoian Christian success vis-a-vis the Homoiousian church party at and particularly after the Council of Ariminum, see Winrich Lohr, "A Sense of Tradition: The Homoiousian Church Party," in Arianism after Arius, ed.