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Noun1.Ariocarpus - slow-growing geophytic cactiAriocarpus - slow-growing geophytic cacti; northern and eastern Mexico; southern Texas
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
Cactaceae, cactus family, family Cactaceae - constituting the order Opuntiales
Ariocarpus fissuratus, living rock - usually unbranched usually spineless cactus covered with warty tubercles and having magenta flowers and white or green fruit; resembles the related mescal; northeastern Mexico and southwestern United States
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Rotting Ariocarpus cactus filled with a red liquid smelling of hot dogs.
British Cactus and Succulent Society - Northumbria branch, talk, Mexico, by John Henshaw; table show, Ariocarpus or Strombocactus, St Aidan's Church Centre, Brunton Park, 7.
Capiapoa cinerea, Ferocactus hystrix, Ariocarpus trigonus, Mammillaria gaumeri, M.
Tyrosinase Inhibitors from Ariocarpus gomezianus, K.