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(Plants) any of various plants of the genus Aristolochia of the family Aristolochiaceae
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Noun1.aristolochia - birthwortsAristolochia - birthworts; Dutchman's-pipe    
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
Aristolochiaceae, birthwort family, family Aristolochiaceae - family of birthworts (including wild ginger)
Aristolochia clematitis, birthwort - creeping plant having curving flowers thought to resemble fetuses; native to Europe; naturalized Great Britain and eastern North America
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Some substances for which safety concerns have been raised are comfrey, chaparral, lobelia, germander, aristolochia, ephedra (ma huang), L-tryptophan, germanium, magnolia-stephania and stimulant laxative ingredients, such as those found in dieter's teas.
In addition, the FDA issued an import alert providing for the detention of any botanical ingredients containing the plant Aristolochia.
Joelle Nortier and colleagues found cancer in 18 of 39 Belgians who had been diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure caused by the Chinese herb Aristolochia fangchi.
Instead of using Stephania tetrandra, the druggists had filled the pills with derivatives of the herb Aristolochia fangchi, which has long been known to damage kidneys and to cause cancer in animals.
Rausher (1981) suggested that the seasonal decrease in the susceptibility of Aristolochia reticulata to discovery by adults of the swallowtail butterfly Battus philenor was caused by the seasonal increase in the height and density of the surrounding vegetation.
aristolochic acid and its salts, as well as Aristolochia spp and their preparations (substances that act as powerful carcinogens).
10,11] observed the growth inhibitory effects of Aristolochia spp on third instar larvae of H.
Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil from the edible aromatic plant Aristolochia delavayi.
The specific components including Aristolochia fangchi (Guang Fang Ji).
They have been observed to feed on flower nectar and attracted to plants that emit odors similar to putrefied meat, like Aristolochia sp.
Aristolochia ceae Aristolochia Bottae-jaub & spach Boraginaceae Anchusa italic retz " " Anchusa cf.