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also Ar·is·to·te·le·an  (ăr′ĭ-stə-tē′lē-ən, -tēl′yən, ə-rĭs′tə-)
Of or relating to Aristotle or to his philosophy.
1. A follower of Aristotle or his teachings.
2. A person whose thinking and methods tend to be empirical, scientific, or commonsensical.

Ar′is·to·te′li·an·ism n.
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Noun1.Aristotelean - a follower of Aristotle or an adherent of AristotelianismAristotelean - a follower of Aristotle or an adherent of Aristotelianism
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
Adj.1.Aristotelean - of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy; "Aristotelean logic"
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Each input always gets an "equal" share, but in terms of Aristotelean equality, which requires that differences are inherited in the shares according to the differences in the value produced.
For instance, Brenda Laurel has argued that Aristotelean theories of theater can productively inform the design of human-computer interfaces, and a number of scholars and practitioners have used dramatic character analysis as a method for creating more interesting avatars.
These "apps" include Lockean ideas legitimizing private property, the common law (an institution to defend property rights from the executive arm of the state), respect for universal education and scientific inquiry, and an Aristotelean sense of a state strong enough to contain the excesses of class and religious conflict but not strong enough to control civil society.
She plays the Aristotelean long game toward the restoration of unity, of fertility--Maria's and Spain's.
Putnam criticizes scientism and reducing philosophy to science, reviews the indispensability argument and liars paradox, interrogates the fact/value dichotomy, tries to save Wittgenstein from anti-realist readings, argues for the untenability of skepticism, compares the Aristotelean mind to the contemporary mind.
And what a nifty antidote to Aristotelean packaging: that an end is not official terminus, but a trigger for continued beginning.
Alexandros Tsingos was educated in the Accounting and Finance fields at the Technological Educational Foundation and the Aristotelean University of Thessaloniki completing his studies in 1985.
A work of seminal scholarship, "Well Begun Is Only Half Done" is a seminal, 226-page compendium that is a unique contribution to Aristotelean Studies and a core addition to academic library collections and supplementary philosophy and political science studies reading lists.
This is not a novel idea as such, but Puchner forcefully advances this claim, turning it into the intellectual and scholarly motor igniting a Platonic, alternative historiography of Western theater, a "dramatic Platonism" even overshadowing the much more canonized Aristotelean one.
Examles of the doscourse about theater include such as Verdadeiro metodo de estudar by Luis Antonio de Verney, who condemns the lack of verisimilitude and the irrationalism pertaining to the Spanish influence or in Arte poetica ou regras da verdadeira poesia by Francisco Jose Freire who resisted the return to Aristotelean orthodoxy, or in Oracoes e Dissertacoes by Correia Garcao, who referred to Greek and Roman theatre as the only source of tradition and good taste (see Bello 13154).
General semantics is explained in contrast to Aristotelean thought because Korzybski saw Aristotelean thinking as a perceptual trap that removes people from "any connection with reality, and therefore sanity" (p.
In discussing the justice, for example, he appealed to Aristotelean standards as applicable only to the balance of forces within the individual.