Aristotle's lantern

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Ar´is`to`tle's lan´tern

1.(Zool.) The five united jaws and accessory ossicles of certain sea urchins.
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When the Aristotle's lantern was corrected for size of the test, there was an inverse relationship with dietary protein level.
KEY WORDS: Aristotle's lantern, sea urchin, growth allometry, Lytechinus variegatus
A frequently reported effect of food availability is its inverse relation to the relative size of Aristotle's lantern (e.
Differences in test diameter, wet body weight, wet weight and organic matter weight of the body compartments (test and spines, Aristotle's lantern, gonads and gut) at the beginning of the experiment and every 30 days until June 27 were calculated to estimate growth and production.
The Aristotle's lantern index did not differ with temperature treatment except on June 27, but the differences are slight (Table 6).