Arithmetical mean

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3 Arithmetical mean of the initial and final values regarding the evaluation of coordination, balance and stability of the experimental group of subjects Evaluation of.
The frequency, percentage, arithmetical mean and standard deviation of the answers were calculated.
The arithmetical mean roughness of the seed surfaces was 0.
There are known assessment methods of integrated indices of raw gas treatment quality by means of grouping of single-type indices o determination in them arithmetical mean values and summation of the latter by groups taking into account their weightiness coefficient.
Since arithmetical mean is the rate with the highest data concentration within a given distribution and that scale 4 corresponds to the highest stress rate in the ranking given above, the mean which is closest to the maximum scale represent the highest stress level (STREINER; GEOFREY, 2003).
Results of field measurements and laboratory analyses, arithmetical mean concentrations ([Mean.
Table 1--height parameter definitions Height parameter Definition Sa Arithmetical mean height Mean surface roughness.
Weighted mean is less than arithmetical mean which lead us to the conclusions that the tariff (as percentage of income) is higher in smaller agglomerations.
Further, it is considered arithmetical mean of these constants, i.
The adequacy of the system model response to the real object response to the same input signal g is verified by calculating the arithmetical mean of the response error.
We documented a DDE/DDT plasma arithmetical mean of 77 ppb, with no biochemically alarming concomitant mean values (such as alpha amylase -66.
90 - still below the arithmetical mean and therefore a further reduction in strengh - but the direction in which it will go now is unclear.