Arm's reach

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reach of the arm; the distance the arm can reach.

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The creature that was to slay the red man was almost within arm's reach of his prey when Carthoris heard a hoarse shout from the opposite side of the courtyard.
Above him, within arm's reach, was the low roof of the building.
A three-cornered table within arm's reach ran from the angle of the to the foremast.
He saw the newcomer step almost within arm's reach of the other.
And the bellies of the police,' said Kim, slipping out of arm's reach.
Some have weird clauses, saying phones must be in arm's reach
The founder of Inner Wipes is certain that wipe sales will soar once they are within arm's reach of the consumer.
According to Arifi, it is about time to show flexibility in regards to this issue, from a diplomatic aspect as well, because while we are arguing on who could have and who failed to do anything for our euro-perspective, we will miss out on the present opportunities that are within arm's reach.
The included Multi-Hanger easily screws into any tree to keep your bow and hunting accessories within arm's reach, while the 20-foot Lift Cord makes it easy to get your bow, pack and other gear on stand once you've climbed up and tethered your safety harness.
A parent has to be within arm's reach in case anything goes wrong.
The horizontal position of the extruder puts the feed inlet within arm's reach.
Now, with the Ioneat, negative ion drying is just an arm's reach away.