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Ar·ma·gnac 1

A historical region and former county of southwest France in Gascony. Added to the French royal domain in 1607, the area is now noted for its viniculture.

Ar·ma·gnac 2

A dry brandy.

[After Armagnac1.]


(Brewing) a dry brown brandy distilled in the French district of Gers
[from Armagnac, the former name of this region]


(ˈɑr mənˌyæk)

a dry brandy distilled in the district of Armagnac in SW France.
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Noun1.Armagnac - dry brandy distilled in the Armagnac district of FranceArmagnac - dry brandy distilled in the Armagnac district of France
brandy - distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice
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Armand Armagnac were crossing the sunlit Champs Elysee with a kind of vivacious respectability.
Armagnac specialized rather in a resistance to militarism, and wished the chorus of the Marseillaise altered from "Aux armes, citoyens" to "Aux greves, citoyens".
There was an abrupt silence, and Armagnac said: "He may have excellent reasons for not meeting the man himself, but--"
The mass of the crowd was Nationalist, and already in threatening uproar; and a minority of equally angry Intellectuals, led by Armagnac and Brun, only made the majority more militant.
With products like the wax sealed bottle of Armagnac Laubade 1965; a sweet smelling caramel vintage Armagnac, you can cradle a glass in the outdoors area with a nice cigar; if you so wish.
8da 3850 followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Cholera 9 Assay 10 Amman 11 Roomier 12 Own 13 Armagnac 16 Contents 17 Vim 19 Tobacco 21 Pecan 22 Brand 23 Spartan DOWN: 1 Ecuador 2 Commando 3 Vein 4 Calor Gas 5 Asti 6 Lycra 8 Acrimonious 13 Antecede 14 Advocate 15 Eminent 18 Stubs 20 Beam 21 Plan QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Messed about 8 Fix 9 Nip 11 Aniseed 12 Under 13 Let 14 Ore 15 Realist 17 Emu 19 Oven 21 Stye 23 Demo 25 Plea 27 Was 29 Grandpa 31 Ass 34 Lie 36 Chaos 37 En route 38 Hog 39 Del 40 Waiting room DOWN: 1 Mine 2 Exit 3 Scenery 4 Diddle 5 Blues 6 Undo 7 Tier 8 False 10 Preen 16 Tom 18 Use 20 Vow 22 Tag 24 Emperor 25 Poach 26 Unseen 28 Steel 30 Reset 32 Show 33 Saga 34 Ludo 35 Item
A supreme of guinea fowl was partnered with an imaginative passion fruit and armagnac sauce and a sultana and cinnamon potato cake.
Except for the fact that they are both French grape brandies made with rules that govern their production, the paths of Cognac and Armagnac couldn't be more different.
In a region where ducks outnumber people 500 to 1, it's not surprising that the methods used to create Armagnac are very traditional; many Armagnac stills are heated by open wood-fueled fires.
The Chocolate Shop's Mark Young said: "In Gascony in the South West of France they steep Agen prunes, dried plums, in Armagnac and coat them in chocolate and we thought why not here for the festival.
Lockwood Restaurant at The Palmer House in Chicagoserves two brandies ($10 and $12), 12 Cognacs priced $12 to $70, and one Armagnac ($15).
The 'Grand Edition'CL is offered in black metallic, mocha black metallic and matte magno cashmere white, with interiors in three colours, designo aniline leather armagnac, designo aniline leather deep black and the lighter designo aniline leather porcelain.