Armed Forces Day

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Armed′ Forc′es Day`

the third Saturday in May, a U.S. holiday honoring the armed forces.
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Noun1.Armed Forces Day - the 3rd Saturday in MayArmed Forces Day - the 3rd Saturday in May    
day - a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"
May - the month following April and preceding June
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HUNDREDS of people gathered to celebrate Armed Forces Day.
Armed Forces Day events were held in Newcastle, Sunderland and Berwick on Sunday, with special services to honour our troops.
War veterans, serving forces personnel, MPs, VIPs and uniformed groups across North Tyneside came together to observe Armed Forces Day, which gives the nation an opportunity to show support for the men and women who make up the armed forces community.
The city's main Armed Forces Day event is at Cooper's Field in Bute Park, next Saturday, which begins with a parade through the city centre from 10.
Muscat: The Italian community in Muscat got to celebrate its Armed Forces Day with a naval crew on board the ITS A.
Myself and many other veterans, some of them old and disabled, had to go all the way to Liverpool for Armed Forces day and to remember the First World War.
Kirklees mayor Clr Ken Smith and deputy mayor Clr Paul Kane honoured servicemen and women on Armed Forces Day.
DAILY Record readers were unimpressed by news of a political bunfight at Armed Forces Day in Stirling.
CROWDS of patriotic Brummies ignored the rain to cheer on our brave troops who marched through Birmingham city centre on Armed Forces Day.
cROWDS waving flags lined the streets outside Cardiff Castle yesterday as the Armed Forces Day parade marched through the city centre.
SERVING personnel, veterans, reservists and cadets will be honoured at a special event to mark Armed Forces Day.
A PARADE will make its way through the streets of Coventry to mark Armed Forces Day tomorrow.

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