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Noun1.Arminian Baptist - group of Baptist congregations believing the teachings of the Dutch theologian Jacobus Arminius (who opposed the doctrine of strict predestination of the Calvinists)
Baptist denomination - group of Baptist congregations
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Daniel Goodwin, Associate Professor of History at Atlantic Baptist University in Moncton, New Brunswick, addresses this dearth in the literature in his study of the formation of the United Baptist Convention of the Maritime Provinces, which brought together two Arminian Baptist groups and one Calvinistic Baptist denomination in 1905-06.
That different groups and stripes of Baptists regarded one another as potential collaborators was a testimony to a common heritage and understanding of the Christian faith, even if some Arminian Baptist groups from New England made that common heritage more difficult to recognize.
For purposes of this paper and a bit of historical quirkiness, I prefer to think of non-Calvinist rather than Arminian Baptists since the seventeenth-century non-Calvinist groups demonstrate varying responses to Reformed theology with elements of Anabaptist, neo-Reformed, and Arminian approaches to theological identity.
On one end of the spectrum, some Arminian Baptists emerged in the later part of the colonial era as Free Will Baptists, and two types of General Baptists continued to distinguish themselves from the "United Baptists" resulting from the loose merger of Regular and Separate Baptists.