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Activists wore armlocks and lay on the runway, where police brought heavy machinery to cut them free.
Points are awarded for throwing your opponent to the floor and pinning him or her down with holds, strangles or armlocks.
MEXICAN musclemen caused a stir last night at a venue more used to orchestras than armlocks.
I was skeptical at first--it was a time when all manner of gimmicks were being foisted on law enforcement--but Lon quickly tied me up more ways than a pretzel as he introduced me to the ingenious armlocks, wristlocks, and take-downs he had built into his system.
Mike's a salesman - but Mickey's not buying, although he soon realises it's a mistake to punch a bloke who's spent the past 18 years putting people in armlocks for a living.
He pushes himself to his feet, toddles over, and armlocks my neck in a hug.