Armored cruiser

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Ar´mored cruis´er

1.(Nav.) A man-of-war carrying a large coal supply, and more or less protected from the enemy's shot by iron or steel armor. There is no distinct and accepted classification distinguishing armored and protected cruisers from each other, except that the first have more or heavier armor than the second.
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Battle-ships of the first-class should bear the names of kingdoms of the federation; armored cruisers the names of kings; cruisers the names of cities, and so on down the line.
For a while this policy worked well, but with the advent of faster, long-range, armored cruisers developed by France specifically for distant-waters operations in the 1890s, the days of a ship living out its twilight years in glorious isolation abroad looked to be numbered.
18, 1911 with the successful landing on the deck of the armored cruiser USS Pennsylvania.
Pond, skipper of the USS Pennsylvania, an armored cruiser.
Battlecruisers associated with the last generation of large armored cruisers are excluded.