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Noun1.arms industry - an industry that manufacturers weapons of wararms industry - an industry that manufacturers weapons of war
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
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Court documents allege that the two men negotiated a deal to buy missiles, night-vision goggles, grenade launchers, and guns from an undercover agent posing as an illegal arms dealer.
The arms dealer undercuts prices on competitors in the United States, Germany and other countries.
Rosoboronexport is Russia's leading international arms dealer but its $377 million Army contracts were originally entered into the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) as awards to a small minority-owned business and are currently labeled as contract awards to a minority-owned business.
HYDERABAD -- Police arrested an arms dealer alongwith his accomplice and seized 135 rifles/shot guns and 50 pistols during a raid at Peshawar Armoury Tando Allahyar.
Summary: A Palestinian man suspected of being an arms dealer was arrested over possession of weapons in the southern city of Tyre.
In a huge embarrassment for the BJP, Laxman was earlier on Friday convicted for accepting Rs one lakh as bribe from a fake arms dealer in a fictitious deal eleven years ago.
The legal team for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout have appealed to a US judge to quash his conviction and hold a fresh hearing with a new jury.
Sources in Home Department told this news agency that it has been decided to ban provision of arms even to legal arms dealer temporarily for one-month period.
Alawi Abu Saif, an arms dealer in Sowadia market, said he would not quit the trade unless the government provided an alternative job to support his family.
10pm Lea Thompson and Joe Penny star in this thriller about a government code breaker on the trail of an arms dealer who has escaped prison by faking his own death.
After roping in his younger brother Vitaly, Yuri is soon living the high life but, after making one deal too many, the arms dealer is soon counting the cost of his greed.
In the movie, the Arab farmers who discover the unexploded bomb consider it a dud and sell it to a South African arms dealer for a pittance.